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If your team needs a sub for a match, your OeSL Moderator must be notified 45min before scheduled game time. OeSL will assign a sub from their approved list to your team, one who is as close to the rank and role as possible. If you fail to give your OeSL Mod 45min notice, we can’t guarantee we find a sub and the game will be forfeited 15min after scheduled start time.

*You are only allowed a maximum of 2 subs per game.

Note: Plat + Games have a NO Re-Schedule policy due to our stream schedule. Gold – games are can be rescheduled if both teams agree 24hours before scheduled match, otherwise result is forfeit.

Toxic Behaviour
Toxic behaviour is absolutely NOT tolerated and subject to removal from league (no refund) and possible Ban from any future OeSL Leagues and Events. This is a 0 strike policy, if toxic behaviour is reported, OeSL staff will review the case and reserve the right to make any decision necessary to resolve the solution.


Smurfing is something our staff is consistantly monitoring and on the lookout for. If you are found to have registered with a smurf account, you will be immediately removed from the league and possibly banned from future OeSL events.


  1. Notifications & Communication
    1. All communication once the league starts will be done on Discord. Please familiarize yourself with the OeSL platform and your applicable channels.

  2. Add Your Moderators
    After your schedule is released, please add league moderators IGNs so that there is no delay once the season starts. (An assigned Team Captain may also add the Mod, then add their team to the game once invited, it is the Captains responsibility to make sure another member of their team does this if they are unavailable to play that night)  


    Left side of schedule is the home team, For Plat+ players, an OeSL Moderator will be in charge of Hosting and spectating the match. Players are encouraged to get in lobbies and begin Pro Draft as early as possible.
    For Gold- players, the home teams captain will be in charge of hosting the match and adding the opposing teams players (matches being streamed by OeSL will have as dedicated mod host the match)

    OeSL supports the use of Prodraft ( to draft your league matches as we wish to keep the league accessible to players who do not own all champions! Prodraft allows you to simulate pick and bans for your league match with all champions available.

    Home Team gets to choose game 1 map side. Side swaps game 2

    The home team selects sides for the first match. The losing team gets side selection for the second match. All players must be in LCS order, in the positions they are playing for the current match. Once the draft starts players cannot swap roles until the next game.


For Plat+ players, match results will be reported by the OeSL Moderator hosting the match. For Gold- players, Team Captains are in charge of submitting scores via the players lounge. Standings will be updated live after results are submitted.

Standings + Playoffs: Each round counts towards your score and standings. 

Time to put your skills to the test and begin your journey to compete in an eSports league exclusive to those who live in Ontario. The nature of this league is to be friendly, supportive, and then competitive. We know competitive nature will takeover as we all want to win, but there is a ZERO tolerance policy on negativity or disrespect shown to any other members of the league. You are now formally part of Canada's growing local eSports community, let’s be ambassadors for where the future of gaming going! See below for further details and instructions:

League is open to everyone of all genders, ages, and skill-types.